Drama Jepang You Are the Apple of My Eye (2018) Bluray Sub Indo

You Are the Apple of My Eye (2018)

You Are the Apple of My Eye (2018) – Bercerita tentang Kousuke, cowok bandel dan bodoh yang sering berbuat ulah. Karena gurunya kesal, dia pun sering dihukum hingga pada akhirnya dia disuruh duduk di depan Mana, cewek pandai sekaligus teladan di sekolahnya. Mana diminta untuk mengajari Kousuke, tetapi awalnya Kousuke tidak mau. Lama kelamaan, Kousuke pun mau diajari oleh Mana, hingga hubungan keduanya makin dekat satu sama lain. Namun saat sudah dekat, berbagai konflik silih berganti datang pada mereka….

The movie was a total copycat of the original version, from the set-up to the styling. Yamada Yuki was good in his portrayal as the guy who has a childish crush to his classmate. Though Ko Ching Teng still wins in a battle of who is better, still one can tell that Yamada was a good fit for the role. The problem lies with the female lead. She’s just blank and bland. She doesn’t know how to carry conversations naturally. Her voice and facial expressions are really awkward. You could tell that her visibly awkward acting makes her partner awkward too, it’s contagious. Well, she’s a rookie, still young, and I believe she will improve with more acting gigs. Also, the chemistry between the two leads isn’t there and even the friendship among men wasn’t as strong compared to the Taiwanese version. The movie lacked spice, emotions, they were short to every element the original had.

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Informasi You Are the Apple of My Eye (2018) :
Japanese あの頃, 君を追いかけた
English Ano koro, Kimi wo oikakete
Type TV
Status Complete
Duration 114 Menit
Credit Subs WibuSubs

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